ARJ Series Tri-Lobe PD Blower

ARJ Series Tri-Lobe PD Rotary Blower

Technology on which you can rely on…

AMCL in collaboration with world leaders Unozawa-Gumi Iron works Ltd. of Japan brings advanced technology in India to manufacture the most rugged and efficient industrial blowers. AMCL's Tri-Lobe design, positive displacement blowers work in the most exacting conditions with least vibration and noise ensuring constant volume discharge of oil free air with high efficiency.

The AMCL- Three Lobe Positive Displacement Blower (Root type) have been developed under Technical Collaboration with world leader UNOZAWA Gumi Iron Works Ltd. Japan, incorporating AMCL’s extensive experience and technical expertise. These ARJ Series high performance Blowers employ three lobe rotor designs which reduce noise and vibration level. This World Class mechanical marvel is indigenously manufactured at AMCL’s state –of-the-art plant at Butibori near Nagpur. These Blowers are working in different industries in India and abroad at utmost satisfaction of our customers due to excellent product performance and our after sales parts and service support.


  • Low pressure pulsation
  • Less noise & vibration
  • High volumetric efficiency
  • Low discharge temperature
  • Low power consumption
  • 100% oil free air/gas
  • Low maintenance and low spares inventory


  • Cement Industry

  • Sugar Industry

  • Fertilizer Plants

  • Chemical Plants

  • Iron & Steel Plant

  • Textile & Paper Mill

  • Water Effluent treatment Plants

  • Food industries

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Outstanding features and Benefits

Three lobe rotor design

Leads to lower range of pressure pulsations at discharge which results in smoother air discharge, Low levels of noise < 90-100 dbA, vibration less than 80 Microns and Lower shock loading of bearings and timing gears.

Heat-treated castings of graded cast irons

Improves grain structure which ensures dimensional stability, results in higher reliability and lower maintenance.

Dynamically balanced rotors

Lower to noise, vibration levels and reduced bearing loads. Results in smoother operation, low maintenance, higher reliability.

Alloy steel hardened, ground and crowned timing gears

Leads to lower gear running noise, low wear & longer life of gears.

High quality, amply designed anti-friction bearings

Long life of bearings- virtually maintenance free and smooth operation.

Intermediate chamber side covers and labyrinth shaft seal

Prevent oil leakage into main chamber and ensure 100% oil free air.

Optimum internal clearances

Reduce air slippage giving high volumetric and energy efficiency and lower air discharge temperature (generally less than 100 Deg C.).

Bottom Horizontal discharge design with lube oil cooling facility

Compact installation, maintains low lube oil temperature which minimizes wear of gears and bearings.

Engineered, high quality accessories

Reliable, trouble free operation with guaranteed performance.

Overview of ARJ Series Roots Blower